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Have you ever driven a car? No, I've never ... one. a) drive b) driven c) drove d) driving 3. How long .... training for? a) has she been b) did she be c) she has been d) she is been 4. I 13. She has never been Scotland. a) at b) a c) on d) to a holiday since 1980. a) have taken b) haven't taken c) didn't take d) didn't have 14. I .... about it for the last six months. a) haven't heard b) didn't hear c) heard not d) don't hear 5. What .... doing all this time? a) have been you b) did you do c) you have been d) have you been 15.

This problem is .... than that one. a) difficultest b) difficulter c) more difficult d) most difficult 13. The meal was very cheap. I expected it to be .... a) expensivest b) expensiver c) more expensive d) most expensive 14. This film is I've ever seen. a) boringest b) boringer c) more boring d) the most boring 15. This man is .... as that one. a) so tall b) not tall c) as tall d) as taller 16. My shirt is .... than yours. a) more white b) whiter c) more whiter d) as white 17. This boy isn't ....

When I rang he .... a) has already left b) had already left c) left d) is already left 20. He loved the zoo. He before a) had never seen b) has never seen c) never saw d) is never seen 54 wild animals FUTURE PERFECT TENSE 1. By 10 o'clock they .... walking for 24 hours. a) will be b) will have c) will have been d) have been 11. We .... this house off by 1999. a) will have paid b) will pay c) have paid d) will have pay 2. By the time the Newtons come we .... waiting for half an hour. a) will be b) will have been c) will have d) have been 12.

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