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When Yazid b.  `Umar.  The Mudar tribesmen rallied to al-Nadr and the Yaman to Ibn `Umar, who fought the former for four months. " And they made a pact agreeing to this.  Dhu'alah al-Kalbi to prevent him from crossing.  See Yaqut, Mu`jam, IV, 771.  There was, of course, the example of the Prophet, who was buried under the floor of his wife `A'ish- ah's quarters. Sufriyyah struck him, splitting his face in two. Abu Sa`id reported: I saw him after that; as if he had two faces.  Umm al-Birdhawn al-Sufriyyah34 made up these verses: We slew both `Asim and Ja`far, also The Dabbi rider, when they came out, And we came to the hollowed-out trench.

The invaluable encouragement and support of the Endowment is here gratefully acknowledged. The General Editor wishes to thank sincerely also the participating scholars, who have made the realization of this project possible; the Board of Editors for their selfless assistance; Professor Franz Rosenthal for his many helpful suggestions in the formulation and application of the editorial policy; Professor Jacob Lassner for his painstaking and meticulous editing; and Dr. Susan Mango of the National Endowment for the Humanities for her genuine interest in the project and her advocacy of it.

Page vii PREFACE The History of Prophets and Kings (Ta'rikh al-rusul wa'-lmuluk) by Abu Ja`far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari (839-923), here rendered as the History of al-Tabari, is by common consent the most important universal history produced in the world of Islam. It has been translated here in its entirety for the first time for the benefit of non-Arabists, with historical and philological notes for those interested in the particulars of the text. Tabari's monumental work explores the history of the ancient nations, with special emphasis on biblical peoples and prophets, the legendary and factual history of ancient Iran, and, in great detail, the rise of Islam, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, and the history of the Islamic world down to the year 915.

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