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By Jacob H. Carruthers, Leon C. Harris (Editors)

ISBN-10: 0939539004

ISBN-13: 9780939539000

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The European Principle vs The African Principle Which master will our black intellectual leaders serve in the future: the European Principle which serves European World Conquest Interests or the African Principle which serves African National Liberation and Worldwide Afncan Unity? Throughout the African continent, the integrationistlassimilationist, trained native elites and their counterparts in the African Diaspora are the ardent supporters of the European Principle as espoused by the French, Dutch, Portuguese, British, Russians, and Americans.

It is also the history of the black struggle to settle the land question in the United States and the efforts of black spokespersons to deal with each other over which direction the masses should follow in order to disengage themselves from white society. It is the story of countless instances of black efforts to return to Africa. Its present struggle still demands a homeland in North America or elsewhere for the black majority or the beginning of a return to Africa and the establishment of a homeland in Africa for blacks in the United States.

252. 4. David Hume, The Natural History of Religion, ed. H. E. Root (Stanford: Stanford University Ress. 1956). 56-57. In this passage, David Hume sets up a hypothetical discourse between a Sorbonnist and a priest of Sais. "~ In a similar vein, Georg Hegel built on and in many ways extended Hume's major premises relative to Africa. " History and philosophy are synthesized in such a way that the individual's place in the world is understandable and meaningful. History, being seen as the development of freedom, then becomes a rational effort to render explicit the idea of Spirit, a process that is otherwise unconsciously performed.

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African World History Project: The Preliminary Challenge by Jacob H. Carruthers, Leon C. Harris (Editors)

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