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Few thinkers have had as a lot influence on modern philosophy as has Alvin Plantinga. The paintings of this indispensable analytic thinker has in lots of respects set the tone for the talk within the fields of modal metaphysics and epistemology and he's arguably crucial thinker of faith of our time. during this quantity, a unique workforce of state-of-the-art prime philosophers tackle the crucial features of Plantinga's philosophy - his perspectives on ordinary theology; his responses to the matter of evil; his contributions to the sector of modal metaphysics; the arguable evolutionary argument opposed to naturalism; his version of epistemic warrant and his view of epistemic defeat; and his fresh paintings on mind-body dualism. additionally incorporated is an appendix containing Plantinga's frequently said, yet formerly unpublished, lecture notes entitled 'Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments', with a considerable preface to the appendix written by means of Plantinga particularly for this quantity.

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Have presented arguments for the falsehood of theistic beliefs; these philosophers conclude that belief in God is demonstrably irrational or unreasonable. ”15 There is now a curious asymmetry between the definition of ‘natural theology’ and the definition of ‘natural atheology’. Given that natural theology has the aim of showing that religious belief is rationally acceptable, it ought surely to be the case that natural atheology has the aim of showing that nonreligious belief is rationally acceptable.

Let’s see. Suppose that you are a theist, and that you find yourself wavering on the question of the existence of God. You refer to Plantinga’s argument, and note that if you hold that Pr(R/N&E&C) is either low or undefined, then it would be irrational for you to be a naturalist. Even if you suppose that belief in the existence of God is the only serious alternative to naturalism, and even if you do hold that Pr(R/N&E&C) is either low or undefined, it seems – in light of these considerations – that if you have good reason to be wavering on the question of the existence of God, then you have good reason to be wavering on the question whether Pr(R/N&E&C) is either low or undefined.

Moreover, this is not an isolated case. Many of those well-known philosophical arguments of which we are inclined to speak approvingly are arguments that we know how to evade. 45 However, when it comes to arguments that have as their conclusions claims about perennially controversial philosophical matters, I do not believe that it is particularly sceptical to claim that there are very few successful philosophical arguments. We might say that Quine’s argument for the indeterminacy of translation, or Searle’s oriental argument against functionalism is good; but, when we do so, 16:35 P1: JyD 0521855314c01 CUNY806B/Baker Natural Theology 0 521 85531 0 April 17, 2007 31 I think that we most likely mean that those arguments are interesting, and original, and insightful, and thought-provoking, and so forth .

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