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By Zoran Ivanovic, Marija Vlaski-Lafarge

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ISBN-13: 9780128005408

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Anaerobiosis and Stemness: An evolutionary paradigm presents a context for knowing the various complexities and evolutionary gains of stem cells and the medical implications of anaerobiosis stem cells. Combining theoretical and experimental wisdom, the authors offer a wide figuring out of ways the absence or low focus of oxygen can play an influential function within the upkeep and self-renewal of stem cells and stem phone differentiation. This knowing has medical implications for the fields of regenerative drugs, melanoma biology and transplantation, in addition to cellphone engineering and cellphone treatment. Anaerobiosis and Stemness is a crucial source for stem mobilephone and developmental biologists alike, in addition to oncologists, melanoma biologists, and researchers utilizing stem cells for regeneration.

  • Highlights the molecular and evolutionary good points of stem cells which cause them to so very important to all organic research
  • Explores equipment of isolation, characterization, activation, and upkeep of stem cells
  • Includes versions for medical program in regenerative drugs, melanoma treatment, and transplantation

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