Alberto Cialdea, Flavia Lanzara, Paolo Emilio Ricci's Analysis, partial differential equations and applications: PDF

By Alberto Cialdea, Flavia Lanzara, Paolo Emilio Ricci

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Capuzzo Dolcetta ential equation dXt = a(Xt ) dt + 2A(Xt ) dWt , X0 = x ∈ Ω , where Wt is a standard n-dimensional Brownian motion and a(Xt ), with |a| ≤ 1, is a feedback control acting on the trajectory Xt . 2) 0 where Ex is the conditional expectation with respect to the initial state x = X0 . 2), f, g are given continuous functions, q > 1 , cq = 1q 1 − 1q and λ ≥ 0 represents a discount rate. Two cases of interest for the applications are when τx = inf t ≥ 0 : Xt ∈ Rn \ Ω or (the exit time problem) τx = +∞ (the state-constrained problem).

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